You’re about to be So Very Clever

Welcome to My World!

This is what I look like in real life. Well, that is to say, after full make up done by professionals and the wonders of my hair stylist. However, what IS real is that I dressed myself and I do love to text.

My name is Hilary and I am a wife and mother of three. In a former life, I was a professional photographer, but now I focus exclusively on writing. I’m a published novelist, a children’s author, I’ve written many non-fiction books and ghost written several as well.

This is my blog and I love it here. Thanks for stopping by and come back ya’ hear!

This is my “alter-ego” So Very Clever Girl. Let me explain. The original articulation of this blog was The So Very Clever Girls’ Guide to being a Guy’s Girl. The only goal was to encourage women to dive into all things male and create even more common ground upon which to play.

I personally LOVE the male realm and have found knowing and enjoying those facets of our culture traditionally branded “male” has greatly enriched my communications with men. My father, my brothers, my friends, acquaintances and especially my HOT husband. So, throughout the blog you might find posts that “teach.”

If you are looking to close the gap between you and the men in your life, you will find help here 😉


These are simply my opinions. I don’t assert myself as one to give advice, but merely my observations with regard to the world swirling about me. Life moves quickly and this is my way of slowing things down and forcing introspection and thoughtfulness.

So Very Clever in the Kitchen

There is nothing that brings me more pleasure than feeding people. I don’t know if it’s one of the five languages of love, but what I do know, is we all show love differently. So, if you have someone in your life who cooks for you, lucky YOU.

If you’d like to show love with food, you will find some hints here. You will also find some grilling lessons in case you are intimidated by the grill. I find men are very impressed with a woman who can master the grill 😉


Preparing for becoming a parent is virtually pointless. Reading books and blogs and talking to your friends in order to shape your parenting style is similar to learning to fly a jet that way and then being dropped into a cockpit and told to FLY.

These are my experiences and observations and at times my rants.

Health & Wellness

I can’t believe they don’t have a Yoga Icon, there is one thing I can guarantee you … I will not be found running unless someone is chasing me with a weapon. I prefer low impact activities like reading 😉 Actually, I am a hot yoga addict and for those who do not know, there is a BIG difference between Bikram Yoga and hot yoga.

This portion of the blog often deals with my thoughts on mental issues, aging parents, exercise and diet.


When I started my blog I was in a very unhappy marriage, so I find my early posts fascinatingly cynical. That experience literally tainted my feelings about love, romance and monogamy. It’s remarkable what a happy marriage can do for one’s outlook.

So, I’ll obviously have to speak to some of those posts in time, but that is the amazing thing about being a person … we have the capacity to grow and strength, to change and learn. I know I have.

Wedding Planning

With 20 years of photographing weddings under my belt, I unabashedly claim to have seen most everything there is to see on the blessed day. Due to living in the thick of this industry for decades, I feel comfortable sharing my “coping” and “survival” tips.

Initially this was a So Very Clever Guy’s Guide to Surviving the Wedding Planning, now it is a little more broad to include everyone who is driven mad by process.  And it IS maddening.


As part of the So Very Clever initiative, I have a section here devoted to warming women up to the idea of sports. If you do not like sports, try harder or you will be spending a lot of time you’d like to spend with your man alone or with other women who “don’t like sports.” What’s not to love????


If there is one thing ingrained in me, it is a true and honest love of fashion. I remember Alisa (childhood and adulthood bestie) and I lying on our stomachs on her bed surrounded by Diet Pepsi and junk food with the much coveted copy of the Fall Vogue.

We would devour  it over the course of an entire Saturday open to interruption only if it involved delivery of food, especially marble brownies with cream cheese frosting.

The original articulation of this blog was The So Very Clever Girls’ Guide to Being a Guy’s Girl. It was my initiative to inure women to the male realm. It all started in 2004, when my childhood bestie and I decided to write a novel. We thought the hardest part would be writing it. WRONG. Turns out, the hardest part is getting it published.


Well, you can’t be published if you don’t have a literary agent and literary agents don’t want to take you on if you haven’t been published.  Whaaaaa?  Yes, it’s like that and that’s the way it … was.

A lot has changed since then, but at the time, I stumbled onto an intellectual property attorney while I was getting So Very Clever trademarked and he also happened to be a literary agent. He suggested I start a blog and test drive some non-fiction content (because it’s easier to sell) and see if I could create a platform (audience) that would make me more appealing to publishers.

So Very Clever was born and I LOVED creating it. Soon after, we did get our novel published by a small (worthless) independent publishing company (I don’t recommend this) and at the same time I began work on a massive children’s book series, which was also picked up by a small independent (not as worthless) publisher.

In that time, I got divorced and remarried and faced a lot of challenges which made me feel anything but clever, so I stopped writing here, feeling if I wasn’t the master of my world, how could I have anything to share with others. Turns out, my readers didn’t want me to be perfect, they just wanted to hear what I had to say … so, I’m back. If only for entertainment of myself 😉

In just ONE week, someone I apparently went to high school with made a snarky comment about me being “modest as ever,” and my brother called me a narcissist. So, let me clear up some things before we move on. I strive to be modest and humble and I am anything but a narcissist. Just because I like to write (need to write) doesn’t mean I feel my opinions are valued above others. We all wish to align ourselves with like minded people (except those people who go out of their way to find people to clash with- boring). We all want to laugh. We all want to feel heard. If that is narcissistic then I guess …